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healFrom the tiniest ailments to the most severe diseases – Imagine being healed instantly – allowing you to live your perfect life with complete happiness and positive energy.  Mr. Casazza expertly utilizes many techniques to heal and improve the lives of his clients.  His healing abilities are amazing and his clients are transformed with a new love and zest for life!

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Many people may or may not believe that there is a Heaven or a perfect place that we go to when we depart this world. And how could you possibly know with certainty unless you go there personally? Mr. Casazza guides his client’s mind and soul to the other side and back. You see, hear, and feel your loved ones, and spirit guides very clearly. You are face to face with Angels. This life changing and profound experience is almost impossible to describe. Imagine the happiest feeling in your life, combined with the most you have ever felt love and multiply it by a million, and that feeling is a fraction of what you will feel in the presence of your spirit guides on the other side.

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Not everyone can channel and many people who can are unaware of this wonderful ability and gift. Mr. Casazza directs his client to a much higher state of consciousness in which the client becomes aware of this ability. When the client channels through his/her Spirit Guides valuable information of the person’s life and path is received. The client’s soul is recharged with the pure love energy of the universe, remaining in a higher place of complete nirvana, while Mr. Casazza has a conversation with the Spirit Guide. There is no guess work! The client’s questions are answered directly!

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We are here on Earth to help our souls learn, grow, and evolve. However, through birth, our experiences, and the negative weight of this world we forgot the purpose of our life and how to achieve it. Many higher evolved entities, Mr. Casazza’s spirit guides, clients’ spirit guides, and other mediums have revealed to Mr. Casazza that he was chosen to bring awareness of the beauty and pure love of that perfect place we are going to, to show people and help them remain on their paths, and to, most importantly, help as many people as possible to evolve their souls to live in a higher vibrational energy of love and light. Learn why you are here and allow Mr. Casazza to show you and help you evolve your soul and successfully accomplish your true goals!

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psychic-healing-workshopsMr. Casazza offers wonderful and enlightening classes throughout the year. Learn how to: enhance your psychic abilities, enhance your natural healing, astral travel, communicate with your spirit guides, communicate with your loved ones, channel, remote view, travel to the other side, powerfully manifest your intentions, access all higher knowledge and much more. Mr. Casazza is passionate about teaching and sharing these wonderful gifts and abilities. If you are reading this it is your time to learn your true path and purpose in life. Don’t hesitate! Live your perfect life now! Attend Mr. Casazza’s classes and allow your soul to grow and evolve!

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hypnosis-stage-show"Journeys to the Other Side" is Hypnotist George Casazza's signature hypnosis stage show. The show is exciting and entertaining! The volunteers and the audience have the best time of their lives while enjoying some profound experiences! Mr. Casazza guides the volunteers to the "Other Side" to visit with loved ones and Angels. You must see this extraordinary show to discover the power of the mind and to truly realize that there is much more to your reality than you can physically see!

To book Mr. Casazza or to tailor a Metaphysical Hypnosis Show for your group or event call NOW! 646-245-5259 or email: GC@ADEPTHEALER.COM 

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hypnosis-cdsThis powerful series of self-hypnosis cds guides you in creating your perfect reality. This amazing metaphysical series takes "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know?" books and movies to the next level. Each CD gives you the tools and knowledge to easily and effortlessly live the life that you desire. Imagine living your life with PERFECT HEALTH, with positive ABUNDANCE, UNLIMITED WEALTH and MONEY, and COMPLETE HAPPINESS! Create your perfect reality now! These CDs assist you in powerfully manifesting your intentions!

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